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10 Great Based-On-Books Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

 I absolutely love a good movie or TV show based on a book or book series. There’s something so enjoyable about reading a great book and then getting to see it on screen. Here are some of my top recommendations (so tough because there are still tons of others to choose from!) for movies and TV shows that are based on books. As of April 28, 2020, all of these TV series or films are currently streaming on Netflix.

  1. Sherlock (TV show) – Who doesn’t love Sherlock Holmes? I’ve been a big fan of the classic detective since I was a child, and I’ve seen countless adaptations of him in movies and TV shows, but Sherlock is by far the best of them. Not only because of the actors, who are top notch, but because of the writing style and the absolute genius plotlines. It’s impossible not to love Holmes and Watson after the BBC get through with them. For fans of: complicated plots, lovable characters, intrigue.
  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Film) – I remember reading this book in the quiet morning hours when I was in college, sobbing from both grief and joy. While the book is a fast read, it’s anything but simple, and the movie really does the story that I love so much justice. For fans of: Love stories, WWII narratives, ensemble casts.
  1. Outlander (TV show) – I have always been leery about watching a show based on a book series as the show often becomes a mind of its own (Game of Thrones anyone?), but not Outlander. The writers of Outlander are passionate about the books and dedicated to staying faithful to the series, and it shows. For fans of: Exotic locations, timeless romance, obsession-worthy characters.
  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Film) – There are few YA novels as beloved and timeless as Perks, and there are few times when I will say that a film is better than its literary counterpart, but this is one of those times. However, I feel mildly justified in saying so as the author of the book also wrote and directed the movie. I feel he just improved on his own work. For fans of: Hard-hitting stories, emotional trauma, characters who overcome.
  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV show) – If you were scarred by the film adaptation of our beloved and morbid book series, you’re not alone. What a mess. When Netflix rebooted the series with a whole new cast, I was hesitant, but one episode in, it obvious that the series was in much better hands. This Netflix series is an absolute gem. For fans of: Humor, silly villains, adventure.
  1. Love, Rosie (Film) – I have to admit, this is the only book on the list that I didn’t like. I actually didn’t even finish it. However, I thought the movie was a complete joy. Part of this might have to do with my obsession with all things Lily Collins, but obsession aside, this movie is totally worth your time. For fans of: English comedies, angst, happy endings.
  1. The Haunting of Hill House (TV show) – I must admit, while this TV show is extremely enjoyable and well-written, it’s not a faithful adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel at all. However, as someone who is obsessed with the idea of there being more horror-based TV shows in the world, I swallowed this series in one gulp and am impatiently waiting for more. For fans of: Horror with heart, family stories, chills.
  1. Anna Karenina (Film) – In my opinion, the 2012 adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel is criminally underrated. This film is an absolute vision and slices the overlong (but highly enjoyable) classic story down to an engrossing two hours. The unique set up is brilliant and the acting is impeccable. For fans of: classic literature, super artsy films, tragic romance.
  1. Silver Linings Playbook (Film) – While SLP is probably my least favorite of Matthew Quick’s novels, it’s an absolutely excellent film. An Oscar-nominated film (and Best Actress Oscar-winning!), Silver Linings isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. Sure, it’s an angsty romance about two people battling their mental health and their own trauma, but it’s so much more than that. For fans of: Awkward love stories, relatable characters, uncomfortable humor.
  1. Dumplin’ (Film) – The book is fantastic, and the movie is absolutely excellent. Was there ever a more perfectly cast YA adaptation? While I do wish there had been more screen time for our resident hottie, Bo, the movie makes up for it with heaps and heaps of girl power. For fans of: YA novels, body positivity, mother-daughter relationships.
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