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Dawn Rice
Founder & Write On! Lead Instructor

Dawn Rice is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Write On! Creative Writing Center, a place where curiosity and inspiration are set free and imagination and creativity brought to life through Creative Writing Workshops, Camps & Events! 
It was after completing the Invitational Summer Writing Institute with the San Marcos Writing Project that her passion to discover and create opportunities to make writing fun and exciting for everyone grew.  
Dawn is an experienced educator having taught in the classroom for over 8 years, served as an Adjunct Professor at UNT, homeschooled her son through high school and taught writing workshops and camps for over 8 years. She has a Masters Degree in Literacy Education from California State University San Marcos as well as a California State Teaching Credential and a Texas Teaching Certification.  
When Dawn isn’t planning for the next workshop, camp or event you’ll most likely find her curled up in her favorite chair attempting to read a book or write in her journal while her three loving and extremely rambunctious golden retrievers are vying for her attention.  She loves to spend time with her husband and their two adult children playing board games, vacationing or about anything that has them all together. Capturing a picture of the sky in all its amazingness, scuba diving in the depth of the sea or sitting in the audience of a musical performance are sure to be how she’ll fill a vacation or free time. If you ever find you have an extra ticket to somewhere amazing or a musical, she will clear her schedule and gladly accept!

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Vicky Skinner
Write On! Lead Instructor

While she’s always had a deep love for books, it wasn’t until she was thirteen that Vicky realized being an author could be a real career goal. She wrote her first book at fifteen and hasn’t stopped since. She grew up in Mesquite, Texas and attended UTD, where she received a B.A in Literary Studies. She’s the author of three young adult novels, How to Breathe Underwater, We Are the Ghosts, and All Our Worst Ideas, and she loves helping others discover and realize their own passions for the written word. While reading and writing own her heart, Vicky has other passions, such as movies, running, and pizza.

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Ashley Turner
Write On! Assistant Instructor 

Ashley has been a lover of writing for as long as she can remember. She grew up in Frisco, studied Public Relations at Texas Tech University, and started working as a content manager in tourism marketing right after college. Desiring to get back to her passion of both writing full-time, as well as teaching to young learners, Ashley started her blog and freelancing in her free time, and now has plans to become an English Language Arts teacher in the near future. She believes everyone can write and hopes to use her knowledge and passion for the art to inspire the next generation. When Ashley’s not writing, she loves reading a good memoir, checking out new coffee shops, and watching her favorite sports teams.

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Lexi Thomas
Write On! Scribe 

Lexi has been an avid reader and writer for her entire life, and is especially taken with any fantasy or sci-fi story. She’s currently planning to attend college for forensic linguistics. Other than writing, she enjoys sculpting, painting, and spending time with her dog. 


Addison Norman
Write On! Assistant Instructor 

Addison has been a storyteller almost as long as she has been able to speak, so it was no surprise to anyone that knows her that she fell in love with writing so quickly. A fan of Tolkien, Star Wars, Marvel, and D&D, her favorite genre to read and write is Speculative Fiction, but she also enjoys writing poetry. Currently, she is studying at Austin College to earn a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing with plans to eventually become a professor and share her passion with others. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, playing video games, listening to music, and exploring nature. 




Aidan Prince
Write On! Assistant Instructor & Scribe

For almost 6 years, Aidan has had a passion for writing casual conversation and provocative narratives. While growing up, he found passion for creative writing and journaling, and is taking it a step further by studying creative writing in college. He currently attends Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and is hoping to pursue a career in being an author. A goal of his is to show others the self fulfilling practice of writing and teach the way in which it can heal, humor, and hook people into reading more. His hope is to find a way to convey this through interactive storytelling and help others to do the same.
When not living on his college campus, he resides in Aubrey, Texas, with his family, drafting new short stories and reading any books that others recommend to him. In his free time, Aidan enjoys playing guitar, playing computer games, and watching movies.


Meghan Logan 

Meghan Logan
Write On! Assistant Instructor 

Meghan Logan, a born and raised Texan, resides in Savannah with her husband and their furbaby, a cat named Chip. Meghan attended The University of Texas at Dallas where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Studies and Creative Writing. She has 10 years teaching experience and holds an Elementary American Montessori Society teaching certification. She led a lower elementary classroom, where she hoped to instill the love of reading­ and creativity—amongst other things, of course! Alongside instruction at Write On! Creative Writing Center, Meghan is actively pursuing a career in novel writing. She is passionate about all forms of storytelling and cake, so please share all your favorites! If Meghan isn’t planning her next vacation or listening to Kelly Clarkson, you can find her reading a book in her Harry Potter-themed guest bedroom. 

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Shay Williams
Well Written
Editing & Proofreading Referral

I am Shay Williams, your wordsmith for hire!  My love of writing led me to earning a BA in Communications and English from The University of Texas-Arlington where I also obtained my Master’s degree.  It is my personal belief that effective communication is invaluable.  Your words are the determining factor when being considered for that job, becoming a best-selling author, or building rapport with your company or customers.  I have worked with students, bloggers, life coaches, public speakers and entrepreneurs who understand the information age has placed an ever-increasing emphasis on written versus oral communications. Your message matters to me and I look forward to working with you!  

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