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Guided Journals for All Ages

If you’re new to writing, journaling is a great place to start! Even if you’re not new to writing, guided journaling can be a powerful tool that encourages self-discovery, allows you to express your innermost thoughts and feelings, and practice gratitude, among other things. Here are just a few of my recommendations on guided journals: 

Heart Talk: The Journal: 52 Weeks of Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Discovery was developed by author and poet, Cleo Wade and features a year’s worth of journal prompts that you can dive into every week. This journal is geared towards a more mature writer as it will allow you to “find the opportunity to let go, feel what you need to feel, discover your own poetic wisdom, and become the person you want to be.”

In Courage was created by author and wellness consultant, Alex Elle. This journal encourages daily writing with simple prompts to help you to set intentions and learn self-love. The journal has both morning and evening space for writing and reflecting on your day.

Good Days Start With Gratitude is a 52 week guide that focuses on being thankful for what we have, both the big things in our lives and our daily moments of joy. The journal includes a weekly spread of inspirational quotes, space to write three things you are thankful for each day of the week, and a weekly checkpoint. 

Choose Kind Journal is a kid-friendly journal inspired from the book and film Wonder, a story about an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face. The journal exemplifies the Choose Kind movement with journal prompts for writers to reflect on ways they can actively be kind every day to the people in their lives and to themselves.

Q&A A Day For Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens is the perfect journal for all the teens out there to record life’s everyday moments. The journal is filled with 365 questions for each day of the year (for three years!) where writers can pencil in a short response to each daily question. At the end of year three, teens can see how their responses have changed over the years and will have a treasured keepsake to save forever. 

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration is a wonderful interactive journal for all ages that helps to nurture creativity, mindfulness and self-motivation. It has vibrant colors throughout, inspirational quotes, journal prompts and exercises to encourage daily writing and reflecting.

If you need even more recommendations, Amazon has a great list of guided journals to help get you started! 

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