Student Spotlight: Athena Popel

This week, we want to highlight Athena Popel, a kindergartener who’s been at Write On since the start of this year. 

Athena registered for Write On’s Weekly Writing workshops in March and has been attending them regularly since. 

In the four short months that Athena has been at Write On!, Athena has had immense growth as a writer. 

(Athena’s) become a lot more confident in her writing abilities,” said Shannon Palmer, Athena’s mother. “Her handwriting has improved tremendously and she was explaining to me what fan fiction meant.”

Not only has Athena become a stronger, more confident writer, but she demonstrates a passion and love for writing that makes her a delight to have in class. 

“She’s excited to work on assignments and looks forward to the class every week,” said Palmer. 

We are so lucky to have Athena at Write On! and look forward to seeing her continued progress in the future!

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