Student Spotlight: Brandon Heit

Starting this month, we want to highlight some awesome writers who have grown tremendously in their time at Write On with our new Student Spotlight series. 

This week, we want to highlight Brandon Heit, a rising 8th grader who’s been at Write On since 2021.

Brandon registered for the creative writing workshop in May of 2021 and has since regularly attended our creative writing workshops and summer camps. Since Brandon joined Write On!, he has grown immensely as a writer and storyteller. 

“I have seen Brandon’s ability to express his story ideas improve immensely. His writing has become much more descriptive, constructive, and cohesive,” said Jamie Heit, Brandon’s mother. 

Not only has Brandon grown as a writer, but he’s become so much more confident as a speaker. 

“Through the workshops and classes he has attended, Brandon has explored many genres of writing and has gained confidence not only in his writing skills but in sharing his writing with peers,” said Heit.

Most importantly, since Brandon’s time at Write On, we’ve seen his passion for writing flourish. 

“WriteOn! has given Brandon an outlet for his creativity while also inspiring him to pursue a future that involves something he is very passionate about…writing,” said Heit. 

We are super proud of Brandon’s progress and look forward to seeing his continued growth in the future!

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