Student Spotlight: Katrina Torio

This week, we want to highlight Katrina Torio, a rising 10th grader who’s been at Write on since 2021. 

Katrina registered for Write On’s Weekly Creative Writing Workshop back in November of 2021 and has been attending our specialty workshops and weeklong writers' summer camps since. 

Katrina’s creativity and love for writing make her a delight to have at Write On.

“Katrina is in love with writing," said Vicky Skinner, Lead Instructor at Write On. "She always has ideas in her head for new stories and new characters, and she's passionate about her work.”

Not only does Katrina have a contagious passion for writing, but she is an incredibly nuanced storyteller. 

(Katrina) has started to show instead of tell in her stories and her scenes are more detailed and fleshed out,” said Chona and Oliver Torio, Katrina’s parents. 

We are super proud of Katrina's progress so far and look forward to seeing her continued growth!


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