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Why Should I Sign up for One on One Sessions?

As a college student, something I hear regularly from my professors is “come to office hours.” “Office hours are an opportunity for you to get personal feedback on your work,” my professors say. “Coming to office hours will help improve in the course,” they insist. 

As I’ve come further along in my college career, I’ve found their words to be in fact true. Office hours have become an opportunity for me to engage with my professor in a way that I’m often not able to when I’m sitting in class. I can sit down with my professors to get live feedback on papers, ask questions I’m not comfortable asking in front of my peers in class, and get advice that my professor wouldn’t otherwise give during a lecture.

Just like office hours have helped me improve in my college classes, scheduling individual time with our writing teachers here at Write On can help you improve your writing skills. At Write On, we call these office-hour-style sessions "One on One Sessions." One on One's are a time for you to address questions, ideas, and projects that you may not have had time to address with our teachers during workshops or camps. Whether you’re writing a school paper, drafting your first novel, or simply wanting to improve on a specific writing skill, quality feedback and advice on your writing is essential to your success. Because we recognize the importance of one on one time with our teachers, we offer One on One sessions. Write On One on One sessions are an opportunity for you to come into our office and receive private feedback on whatever you want from one of our staff members. 

We offer a variety of one on one sessions depending on the type of assistance that you’re looking for. From our Novel coaching, creative writing, and essay support to our elementary writing, handwriting and penmanship sessions, we offer one on one’s in just about every area of writing that you may need assistance with. 

If you’re interested in scheduling a One on One session with one of our staff members, all you have to do is Call Write On at 214-915-2155, and we’ll find a time for you to come in that works for you. 

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