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How COVID-19 is Affecting Write On!

Write On has had to adjust to our current reality by making big changes that we want to discuss briefly.

Write On opened its doors on March 3, just as the world was beginning to shift in the wake of a pandemic. We were very blessed to have the opportunity to run creative writing workshops and a spring break writing camp just before CDC policies required (understandable) closures from educational institutions. In the short time that our storefront was open, we were able to make connections with amazing writers that have already shaped the way we do business, and now that we’re unable to physically hold workshops at our building, we’re moving our workshops online with even more flexibility!

Currently, we’re offering a FREE one-hour introductory course on Zoom for anyone who’s unsure about workshops via the internet. We understand that participating in workshops online doesn’t have the same intimacy as a physical workspace where we can all come together. Sometimes, working at home can be distracting and complicated. But we believe that writing and creating at a time when our bodies are confined to our homes is the best way to keep our minds healthy! We’re hoping that others feel the same. In addition to our intro class, we’re offering our regular one-hour workshops which include guided writing, free-write time, and time to connect and share with fellow writers. And to shake things up as we take things online, we’re also offering a 28-day course (meeting via Zoom weekly), Writing With the Moon, that lets us connect with nature and the outside world during this uncertain time.

We hope you’ll join us in creating beauty out of this chaos! For more information on these workshops, visit or check out our Facebook page!

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