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Writing for Women's History Month

It’s the last week of March, bringing a close to this year’s Women’s History Month. Throughout the month, we’ve shared our favorite women writers and monumental women who have had a lasting impact on the literary world. To close out this celebratory month, we’re sharing these fun writing practices to continue supporting, recognizing, and reflecting on all the women in our lives today and always. 

  1. Write a letter to the most influential woman in your life. Tell her how she’s shaped you into who you are and why you’re thankful for her.  
  2. Answer this journal prompt: Who is your favorite historical female figure? What do you admire about her?
  3. Write down five positive affirmations that support positivity and encouragement. Share them with your women friends and family. 
  4. Check out this list of books about women who have made history. Choose one to read and reflect on what you learned by writing a short essay. Share it with a friend, or send it to us at Write On! We’d love to read it. 

Thank you for celebrating Women’s History Month with us! We hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading about some of our favorite women writers. And please share with us in the comments about how this writing practice went for you! 

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