Dear Book Club Member,

Thank you for registering to join our book club! We look forward to seeing you at our meeting. We know that readers love to interact with what they’re reading and that interaction helps readers process the content better. Below are some activities you can do while you read to help you interact with your chosen book.

  • Research the author of the book or something in the book you don’t know a lot about
  • Create a list of questions you have about the story or the content
  • Write a journal entry about the character in the story that you connect with the most
  • Create a work of visual art inspired by the story
  • Write down any words you don’t know and look up their definitions
  • Keep a list of quotes you like or think are important as you read

If you choose to do an activity while you read, we would love for you to bring your finished project to the meeting to share it with the group.

See you at book club!

The Write On! Team