The Feature ~ 16 Sessions of Creative Writing Workshops - Emergent Writer(grades 2 & Up) - Write On! Creative Writing Center

The Feature ~ 16 Sessions of Creative Writing Workshops - Emergent Writer (Transitional Step from Early to Elementary Writer)

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How do you become a better writer?
To become a better writer, you must write and write often. 

Take the first step in improving your writing by registering for 16 weeks of Weekly Creative Writing Workshops. Make the commitment and see the change! 

Weekly Creative Writing Workshops for Emergent Writers is a transitional step from our Early Writer Workshop to our Elementary Writer Workshop.  Emergent writers can unleash their imagination and discover the writer within, while developing literacy skills, building confidence, and encouraging creativity. 

All workshops are offered in person only. 

Write On! will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (M-F) and the last two weeks of the year. Packages skip over these weeks. 

First, select the date and time you'd like to start attending, and then select online or in-person. *Each workshop will take place weekly, on the same day and time. For example, Tuesday at 3:45 PM each week. If the date that you would like to register for is later than the weeks listed, contact us at or 214-915-2155.