Collection: Handwriting ~ Manuscript, Cursive & Penmanship

Write On! Creative Writing Center is now offering handwriting services! We will be offering three areas of focus: Manuscript, Cursive, and Penmanship. Whether you have a writer that is learning or needs to improve in their skills and confidence, or it's you that is wanting to work on your handwriting, we want to help!

Available Services

Handwriting Assessment

The Handwriting Assessment process allows the handwriting specialist to detect areas of struggle and determine remediation strategies and create a plan. This formal assessment will be conducted in a one-on-one setting and the results will be presented in a detailed report.  

*Although the Handwriting Assessment is not required for One-On-One Sessions or Small Group Clinics the information gained ensures that the writer's areas of need and struggle are identified and ideal remediation is put into action. 

One-On-One Sessions

Our One-On-One Sessions are for writers that require/prefer or work best in a one-on-one environment AND/OR are in need of individualized handwriting remediation. 

Small Group Clinics

Our Small Group Clinics are handwriting skill-level groups in manuscript or cursive. Each Small Group Clinic meets one day a week for six weeks. The clinics include multisensory activities, demonstration, guided & individual practice, and support. Writers will have practice homework and informal assessments. 



Handwriting Assessment ~ $125 

One-On-One Sessions  ~ $45 per 30-minutes

Small Group Clinics ~ $180 for 6 weekly, 1-hour sessions


To schedule a Handwriting Assessment or One-On-One Sessions, select the One-on-One Sessions link below and then select the service, day/time, and add it to your cart to check out. 

To register for Small Group Clinics, select the Small Group Clinics link below and then select the clinic and add it to your cart. Clinics meet once a week for 6 weeks. 


A handwriting Kit for One-On-One sessions and Small Group Clinics is required, and new workbooks with advancement or change of focus. 

Handwriting Kit  ~ $30 (includes a chalkboard, workbook(s), wooden letters, chalk, sponge, and pencil. 

Workbooks ~  $15-$20