South Korea Serve Trip


Planning & Preparing  ~ August 7, 2023

Post Trip Letter & Pictures ~ October 3, 2023


Hello Friends,

Have you heard? From September 14 to 24, I will be joining a team from Hope Fellowship and heading to Seoul, South Korea to partner with a local South Korean church and minister to North Korean resettlers through a week-long English camp. 

In preparation for the trip, the team and I are putting together lessons for all ages, to help the North Korean resettlers develop their English proficiency and improve their skill set, as English is highly needed for school and the workplace. 

During the trip we will be putting our gifts and talents to use, reaching out to the community, assisting with practical needs, and sharing the love of Christ with the North Korean resettlers who have already suffered greatly. What an incredible opportunity to serve others.  I fully expect to be touched just as much as those we are serving and can’t wait to return home and share.

Would you consider partnering with me, both prayerfully and financially? 

Over the last few months, several have partnered with me through prayer and financial donations. To date,
I have received support totaling $1,925, and I have just $975 remaining to reach my total trip cost by August 15, 2023. If you would like to help me reach my total trip cost, please see the options below. 

Thank you for your prayers and support for the team and our efforts to reach out to those who need to know that God is real and that He loves them.