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Write On! Creative Writing Center

Adult Writing Course 10 Session Package - In-person Only

Adult Writing Course 10 Session Package - In-person Only

Adult-Only Writing Course
In-person ONLY

These 1.5-hour bi-weekly workshops are designed to teach you the essentials of story-writing, along with a little poetry and journaling. Come hang out with our community of adult writers. Whether you're writing your very first story or have an experienced writing background, these classes will teach you things you didn't know about the process of crafting story and the basics of poetry-writing and journaling.

Find confidence in your ability to structure story, develop characters, and successfully execute your own writing style. Each 1.5 class includes a lesson on one of the topics below, a period of independent writing time guided by a structured writing activity, and time at the end  to share, receive feedback on, and workshop what you developed in class.

Sign up for individual classes or register for the entire 10-week course!

Week 1 (Feb 10, 2 PM): Creating Dynamic Characters

Week 2 (Feb 24, 2 PM): Structuring Story

Week 3:(March 9, 2 PM): Understanding Conflict and Maximizing Tension

Week 4 (March 23, 2 PM): Harnessing and Executing Inspiration

Week 5 (April 13, 2 PM): Starting the Story in the Right Spot

Week 6 (April 27, 2 PM): Crafting Realistic Dialogue

Week 7 (May 11, 2 PM): The Importance of Perspective

Week 8 (May 25, 2 PM): Finding Your Narrative Voice

Week 9 (June 8, 2 PM): Finding Your Poetry Style

Week 10 (June 22, 2 PM): Learning to Journal Effectively

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